Welcome to INE Dental Practice


We are pleased to offer:

A new Dental Care Plan 1 -£9.80 per month provides

  • * Scale and polish twice a year
  • x-rays and preventive clinical exmamination ( especially focused on gum problem )
  • 30% reduction off any fillings ( eg. tooth-colored filling £40 cut down to £28 ) and most dental work except Orthodontic, Implants, Whitening
  • 20% any laboratory based treatments ( eg. premium crown work cut down to £200 )
  • 10 % reduction off Orthodontic, Implants, Whitening
  • prescription free of charge
  • Children under 12 - all the above benefits free of charge
  • Between 12 and 18 - all the above benefits for £5.05 per month

redundancy protection
(Extended payment scheme available for treatments over £100. For example, orthodontic from just £30~£100 a month or implant from just £200 for six months.)

Please give us a ring for further details. ( 0208 241 0380 )

In our No cure No fee policy,all restorative treatments are given a warranty period (particulary for prosthetic work in the range of 11 and 14 years),and rewarding cash points are piled up reflecting the number of your visits.

We specialize in Orthodontics and periodontics with 14 year clicical experience as general dentistry.
(as for orthodontics, over 1100 cases completed.)